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Memorial Mile


The Memorial Mile is a timed, competitive one mile race for people of all ages. It takes places this Memorial Day, May 28th, in downtown Bloomington.


All of the proceeds go toward the "Stay 4" Project to support local, low-income students who deserve a successful education.


This event is supported by local businesses in the form of sponsorship as well as physical volunteers from the community.


This race is open to runners of all skill levels.

The race categories are as follows:


-Men 19 and up

-Women 19 and up  

-Youth 18 and under

-Glory Wave (First Responders and Veterans)

-Elite (6 minute/mile for men; 6:30 minute/mile for women)

-Recreational (Joggers, Walkers, Families, Dog Walkers, Strollers)

Special Thanks To Our Sponors

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