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Take a Moment Winners

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September Winner

Michelle Fleming

Michelle was nominated by Bloomington resident Tina Smith. She who remembers what it was like to grow up in need, wanted to help families that sometimes fall through the cracks at Christmas time.  She established an organization called Christmas Miracles.  Securing donations of toys, clothing, and food, she began delivering holiday gifts to a few needy families in Bloomington-Normal.  That number has grown steadily each year, and now after 10 years Michelle has helped provide a Christmas celebration to more than 500 families throughout McLean County.

"This is an amazing organiztion, and I am very proud to be a behind the scenes volunteer for this wondeful woman who has dedicated her time to make sure that every child she can help might be happy at Christmas"


August Winner

The ‘Take A Moment Winner’ of August is a group of retirees from Laborers’ Local 362 here in Bloomington. 


They were nominated by 362’s Business Manager Ronnie Paul.


For 2 years this group of 20 retirees have been donating several hours a week to help with the Midwest Food Bank.  Every Tuesday, they put together some 1,200 delivery boxes, unpacked food from pallets, then repacked those same 1,200 boxes with foodstuffs for people in need.  


Bob Hendricks, Consultant with the Tinervin Foundation, who oversees this program says, “We absolutely could not do what we do without them!  In 2021 we fed over 5,000 families primarily in Bloomington-Normal and throughout central Illinois.  These guys played a major role in making that possible. They are an outstanding and dedicated group of men!”


Thank you, Local 362 Retirees, for your commitment to feeding the hungry!

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July Winner

Todd Eades

The ‘Take A Moment Winner’ of July is Todd Eades, a resident of Hudson. He was nominated by Paula Weiland of Normal. Being associated with the Bloomington Knockers Youth Football League for a number of years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful volunteers, however, there is one coach that comes to mind who recently retired after years of coaching. Todd Eades in fact, coached kids from age 8 through 14 for 32 years. Including practices and games that adds up to more than 300 hours per year, and a grand total of 9,600 hours dedicated to teaching more than 700 kids the game of football and sportsmanship. Todd says, “it’s been quite a rewarding experience to be a youth coach
and see firsthand young people learn the game, go on to high school ball, state championships, college football, NCAA championships, and a few into the pros. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in
the world.”

Thank you, Todd, for your commitment to the youth of this

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June Winner

Dorothy Deany

Dorothy was nominated by John Penn of Bloomington. According to John, “Everyone who knows Dorothy knows she is a true believer in giving back to the community.” Since 2008 she has been a dedicated volunteer, giving many hundreds of hours of her time at Holy Trinity’s St. Vincent de Paul Pantries in Bloomington. The pantry distributes food as well as clothing to nearly 200 people each week. She initially began by helping to start several hundred plants from seeds for the organization’s produce garden; a job she continues still today as Chair of the Garden Committee. Thanks to her efforts the St. Isidore pantry garden provides thousands of pounds of produce each year.

In addition, Dorothy is responsible for entering and filing information on the clients, finding recipes for them to use with the food products they receive, organizing truckloads of food and materials, and overseeing the many volunteers. It’s been said of her that, “Dorothy is the go-to person for the pantry. She’s the one who keeps the machine well oiled.”

Fourteen years of service to the needy of our community. Dorothy Deany is more than deserving for a moment of thanks and recognition!

Mary Jo Fowler - Final (2)_edited.jpg

May Winner

Mary Jo Fowler

Mary was nominated by Kara Heuer of Normal, who said the following, "Mary Jo is a Lead Server at Jim’s Steakhouse and has worked there for 30 years. She considers her customers an extension of her family. She greets everyone with a smile is and is always attentive to their every need. During COVID, while restaurants were shut down, Mary Jo made sure her friends from Jim’s were taken care of and had a home-cooked meal, working from her own kitchen to supply hot meals. She picked up and delivered groceries for them and checked in with those who lived alone. At the height of the pandemic, Mary Jo ensured these folks did not remain isolated. There isn’t anyone I know who is kinder, more loving, or genuine than Mary Jo Fowler. She has a heart of gold and is an inspiration to all that know and love her."

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